Friday, September 20, 2013

Majestic Prince 24

The Finale!

The end is here. After a nice run Majestic Prince reaches its end. Now, since this is a final episode you get an actual summary.


Izuru loses control of his mecha and his, or rather its, instincts takes over. Guy goes nuts. Really look at that face! Savage Char is all too pleased with that development.

Meanwhile, the good guys have decided to go with the good old fashioned ‘ram the entire thing into the target’.

Classic Strategy.

As a sidenote, there is some really good background music going on while this happens.

Now, as important as Team Rabbit’s mission to protect Star Rose is, the real meat of the episode is Izuru vs White Haired Pretty Guy. This is the battle that has been building for up for a long while and it is good. Izuru struggles to gain control of his mecha, but finds himself increasingly overpowered by the strong instincts of the machine. The guy keeps fighting even as he takes the machine beyond his limits.

Now, as we know, that’s not a good thing. The guy literally can’t stop fighting, with all the deadly consequences that implies.

Luckily, his friends snap him out of it through the power of Tsukkomi!

Hero Time!

Which also leads him to gain full control over his unit.

The battle continues, now with both Izuru and Jihart using their super modes. Even as the Star Rose is about to crash, these two don’t stop. As always, some awesome choreography and animation and one hell of a finisher.

Falcon Punch!

Overall, one hell of a finale.

Series Impression

It's the Genes

Now, Majestic Prince was a fun little anime. However it did have its flaws.

This episode did a pretty decent job at illustrating them actually. The Gate and its destruction have been the focus of the past few episodes, however it seems to fade in light of Izuru and Jihart’s conflict, and with good reason. All the war, the military strategy and whatever, can’t hold a candle to a fight that has been anticipated since very early on.

The entire victory strategy just seems… unimportant when compared to the personal conflict.

And with good reason

Then there are the side characters. Like Not Lacus or just about every one of the Wulgaru commanders with the exception of the Char. Guys are barely characterized. Theoria has it especially bad. She’s cute and all, but for all her supposed significance she ended up doing really little. Hell, the Wulgaru King spent the entire season sitting on his chair.

While the Main Five have good character moments, certain character that should be important (The Enemy General, Princess, etc) are lacking in terms of development. Made all the more odd for the many little moment side characters get in this show.

The Theme of Instincts vs Will was not handled as well as it could have been. It loses a lot of significance when the Instinct Izuru has to master comes from his giant robot as opposed to something he actually feels, and the ideological conflict between the Wulgaru and the Earthlings didn’t come through as strongly as it could have.

All that said, this show did a lot of good things. The five main characters were great. The plot was fairly descent. The comedy moment were fun, and the interaction between the members of Team Rabbits was sweet. It managed to tug my heartstrings at times. Asagi calling the commander dad, for example. It was a small moment, but a good one.

Also Boobs
Majestic Prince kept an interesting atmosphere at all times. Not too sad. Not too silly. Not too serious. It is a hard balance to maintain but it did it.

While having awesome giant robot action. Can’t forget that.

All in all, a good show.

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