Tuesday, September 17, 2013

High School DxD New 11

Smoother than a Baby's butt

Peace Talks

Azazel is smooth.

Really smooth.

If war erupts, there will be way less time for sex. That’s the type of argument that just reaches deep into your soul. It certainly reaches Isseis's.

Peace is good!

We also get a moment between Irina and the others, plus some explanation for the current System used by Michael, which was pretty nice. Just nowhere near as funny as Issei declaring his intentions in front of Rias’ brother.

Peace really is best; so of course someone had to attack the peace attacks.

The Attack

The Emperor!
Gasper has been kidnapped and it seems like the bad guys are taking a page out of Issei’s book. Only instead of taking advantage of the time stopped girls, they are attacking the peace talks instead. Thankfully, the people with specially abnormal powers seem to be fine so far, which leaves them in good position to mount a counter attack.

As an aside, Vali is really strong.

Really, really strong.

Sure, we knew that already, but damn! He took down dozens of magicians in no time flat.


No, not that one

So, there is something to be said about challenging five of the strongest guys once.


Seriously, Azazel seems to be handling her just fine there. Can’t imagine how bad she would be if she was actually fighting all the other guys at once.

As an aside, it’s not like her body is bad and I don’t dislike glasses, but I must say I am not fond of her hairstyle. The face is a little bit too long too. 6.5/10… what a waste.

Oh right, and there is a very touching moment between Gasper and Rias.

And Dress Break! Man, I love this show… wait, what do you mean the next episode is the last one?!

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