Wednesday, September 18, 2013

HST Report #14

Boobs > Bandana

Bleach #549

And Omaeda… is losing.

What a shocking development.

Things do get a bit more serious, when the Quincy… Cyborg I think? threatens his sister. Obviously, Soi Fon uses that time to appear.

Turns out she finally mastered Shunko. You know, the thing introduced a few hundred chapters ago? Awesome.

But things are not so easy. The Quincy are just getting started it seems. Thankfully that goes for the guy Hitsugaya is fighting as well. It would have been a shame if that fight ended like that.

Naruto #647

Also, we have cookies


There is plenty of it this chapter. Guess, it does make sense. The Ninja Alliance just got used as fertilizer. That’s got to hurt. Some may say the whole Despair, followed by rousing speech is getting kind of old. They are right to a degree, but I am willing to give it a pass.

Obito, to a point, wants validation and he is really good at demoralizing people. Him trying to turn people to his point of view repeatedly makes sense in that context, and let's face it's hard not to get demoralized when people are dying all around you. The weight of the many lives lost takes its toll on Naruto. He is a nice guy. Of course he feels sorry (and partially responsible) for all.

Obviously Sasuke can jump in just fine.

The guy cares about very few people. He doesn't have any guilt or sadness weighting him down here. 

That said, the part where Naruto’s memories flash through the Alliance was nice. I like that sort of thing.

As an aside, Ino has been surprisingly useful during this war.

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