Tuesday, September 3, 2013

High School DxD New 9

Vampire Abuse Episode

Meet the New Girl

Who is actually the new guy and a vampire.

A crossdressing vampire who doesn't go out of his room, hides in a box, and has time stopping powers to boot. How shall I say this… are we sure he is not a cyborg too? Maybe a dinosaur? A Cyborg Dinosaur? That would work too.

In any case the new old addition to the Gremory household needs some training in order to become a proper person; so it’s up the others to get him out of his box.

Isn't that just bullying the trap vampire?

That’s totally bullying the trap vampire.

Oh well, at least Xenovia and Koneko are having fun.



And this guy appears again. Walking so brazenly in enemy territory, even though peace-talks are going to take place… Well, it’s not like the Gremory team can stop him.

Being strong is really useful at times.

That said, the guy doesn't seem all that bad. More like a really curious guy.

He even gives the others tips for how to train Gasper and tells Saji how to use his Sacred Gear better. Guy is really well-informed. Guess, that Sacred Gear obsession isn't just for show. I kind of want to see more of him this arc.

Gasper Training Take 2

You're Doing it Wrong

After some time… nothing is really accomplished. But that’s just the cue for the tragic backstory to be revealed. 

Of course, it’s up to Issei to cheer this guy up.

And really, what’s better to cheer people up than to tell them the various perverted uses of time stopping?

Hazard…. Cannot say he would not try at least one of those.

Issei also says some other cool stuff, but let’s focus on his ability to “indecently move forward” for now. It’s just funnier.

With Issei’s perverted but inspiring speech and the help of a paper bag, Gasper is ready to face the outside world!


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