Wednesday, September 25, 2013

HST Report #15

Being Popular is Awesome

One Piece #722

Okay so some stuff is happening in the Coliseum, but who really cares about that. Outside, two battles are settled this chapter.

First, Brook defeats the art woman through trickery. The sequence was fun, but the entire thing came across as meaningless to be honest. Mind you, seeing Brook finish things with a skull joke is always fun.

Now for the other part, Law was defeated in a fight that happened almost entirely off-screen… yeah…

The meat of the chapter, however, is the exposition provided by Doflamingo. We get some info on the origins of the World Government and the World Nobles which the Donquixote family was part of.

Funny that

Bleach #550
Do Not Want
Mayuri faces off against Askin… who doesn't want to fight.

He is surprisingly casual about the whole thing or maybe not. In any case, he’s dangerous.

Meanwhile, Soi Fon is losing against the cyborg and Bazz-B points out the obvious. He survived Yamamoto blasting. He is not dying so easily. Especially because the reason he and the other Quincy survived was because he used his own flames to cancel Yamamoto’s.

I would like to say this is it for Hitsugaya, but I am getting flashback to his fight with Halibel.

Also, Shining Finger!

Naruto #648

Five Ninja with Attitude

So I have to admit, out of all the ways in which Sasuke could have gotten his hands on Sage chakra, using Juugo as a battery for his Susanoo is probably the best one.

It’s pretty clever.

We also get a look at the first Kage this chapters. It’s a nice bit of history if somewhat out of place. We have had enough flashbacks for the arc I think.

That said, it is interesting to have a look at the early negotiations that happened between villages. It is somewhat bizarre to see these people discussing actually buying Bijuu.

Oh, and the five Kage get there. Finally.

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