Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Spotlight: Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince

Ready For Some Robot Action!

This anime season is over, and Hazard must say it has given us quite a few gems. There were some shows I would have loved to make weekly posts for. Sadly, I am only human.

What I can do now though, is make a few Spotlight posts. Two of them.

With that said, Spotlight Start!

The Story

In the Future mankind has reached space.

They also have giant robots because why wouldn't you have giant robots in space? Space without giant robots is like coffee without caffeine.

Now, as usually happens, mankind is at war. Not with each other but with an alien species, the mysterious Wulgaru.

How are our combined armies doing against this menace from space? Not well.

Enter the “Totally not a Military Organization” MJP.

The MJP has developed all new, JURIA System. Cutting edge technology that greatly increases a giant robot's performance in battle, and who better to pilot such advanced machines than the worse team in the academy, the Fail Five!

The Setting

Introducing, Savage Char
As stated before the bulk of the show takes place in space, and its main focus is on the war between Earth and the Wulgaru.

On one side of the war we have the army. The officers of the army range from competent underlings to one Too Dumb to Live superior officer.

Overall, the army leans more towards the incompetent side with a few exceptions.

The Wulgaru are noted for having fewer numbers compared to the Earthlings. Despite that, their battlefield superiority is incredibly clear. Planet Earth has been getting its ass kicked rather badly until our protagonists step in.

It should also be noted that while Earth’s machines are all metal and circuits, Wulgaru’s weapons and robots have an almost organic feel to them. It makes for a nice contrast which only increases as we find out more about the Aliens.

How It manages:

Our Heroes!

Pretty well. It doesn't have the sheer WTF-ness of Valvrave or generates as much debate as Gargantia, but it is a nice mecha show in its own right.

Certainly not as disappointing as Gargantia.

Now the show does have some pacing problems. Sometimes it goes too slowly, but it manages to cope with this due to one very important factor, the characters.

Izuru is our “I want to be a Hero” guy. Asagi is the cool one. Ataru is the military otaku. Tamaki is the boy crazy one. Kei is the sane one.

Sure, they are one step away from being yet another Power Rangers team, complete with the appropriate colored robots, but the show goes out of his way to make you care for them and damn it, it does a good job at that.

The Graduation would have been a boring episode where it not for the fact that you genuinely feel for the kids. You really feel something is ending for them, and that’s great.

Another factor is the battles. They are awesome.

Seriously, the fights are plain awesome. Whether it is a good old fashioned sword duel in space, or an army vs army battle where people actually remember space is three dimensional and thus coming from above or below the enemy is perfectly possible, the battles don’t disappoint.

Majestic Prince is a rather straightforward giant robot show, but it is a good one. Nice comedy. Good action. Likable characters.

Final thing, with Gargantia, Hataraku Maou-sama, and Valvrave now finished, Majestic Prince will step up to fill one of the slots.

Final Final thing, expect a lower number of posts this week.

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