Thursday, January 2, 2014

HST Report 23-24

We have a Winner!

So yeah, still doing this. Just been a bit busy to bother doing this section lately. Never fear, we'll catch up to the current chapters in no time.

Bleach 558-559

Sadly, Komomura wins. Bambietta is defeated and Komomura struggles to keep going but the after affects of his secret forbidden technique catch up to him.

Komuma becomes a dog… yeah… I mean yeah, there is some stuff about revenge and becoming a beast that’s thematically good and all but… yeah.

He’s a dog.

Meanwhile, Bambietta survived, but finds herself surrounded by her friends in a scene that gives me some serious Lion King vibes, by which I mean Scar is surrounded by Hyenas vibes. 

Come on, Kubo. Don’t go and kill her.

Speaking of kill people, what happened to Shinji?. Does that mean this is it for Shinji’s screentime during the war?

Meh, whatever. On another part of Soul Society three semi-important characters get taken out by a Luchador. It’s Mask de Masculine’s time to shine!

Oh, and the Emperor continues his streak of killing his underlings... 

Seriously? Those guys won. They were the ones who had their super modes activated while the other side had already used their trump cards and were dying.

Interesting to note is that, for better or worse, Bambietta is not among their number.

Oh, and B guy totally stands for Balance

One Piece 729-730

Why would you do this... shouldn't he be bullet proof anyway?

Bellamy is prepared to act only for Dellinger to inform him he was ordered to kill him.

Man, the guy really doesn’t get any trust, does he? Why do people even work for Doflamingo anyway? He’s a horrible boss. Can’t really get the degree of loyalty and admiration some of his underlings have.

Anyway, Law vs Dofla continues with Law failing to make good use of his broken dimensional powers.

Meanwhile, Franky makes a badass speech. Okay not really badass, but it was a good moment. Luffy gives everyone permission to go wild… only for Doflamingo to arrive with a beaten Law who he proceeds to shoot in the chest.

Why are my favorite characters getting nearly killed?

Zoro and Kinemon try to help but with an Admiral backing him up Doflamingo is a bit too much for them. They are unable to get Law and Doflamingo escapes with him, leaving them to fight the marines.

Luffy would totally help but he needs to look for the exit… as opposed to just punching through the wall for some reason.

Oh and one of Big Mom’s ships shows up too.

Naruto 656-657

Bring it!
So it turns out Naruto didn’t use his Giant Rasen Shuriken to nuke the giant tree.

He uses it on Madara. It doesn’t kill him (obviously), but it weakens him enough for the Alliance to seal him up.

Or it would have were it not for the timely intervention of Black Zetsu.

Yeah, turns out he is alive. Obito tries to revive all the dead soldiers with Rinne Tensei when Black Zetsu takes him over and uses the technique to revive Madara.

As an aside, the Shukaku and Gaara interaction in this chapter was solid.

Anyway, Madara is back and he is good. Guy effortlessly takes care of Sakuke and Sage Naruto, and steals Hashirama’s Sage power.

It’s time for Madara vs The Tailed Beasts.

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