Monday, January 20, 2014

Samurai Flamenco 13

It was all just a dream... not!

And it gets real… again

By this point, I am pretty sure we have all spotted the pattern. New threat emerges! Sentai Hijinks!

Then it gets real.

See, the hijinks lull you into a false sense of security; so even though you know what’s coming, it still surprises you.

Case, in point this episode.

Yeah, the whole “you totally beat those guys, but We are totally better and more”? Wasn’t just a joke. There is a whole lot more of those monsters of the week around.

Like thousands of them.

Yeah… that’s not good. The numbers are completely unfair. It’s time for the oldest technique.



Got to love the silly designs
Problems arise when the government is not exactly on-board with the plan to evacuate Japan. They don’t want to cause mass panic and in a way they are right.

You broadcast news like that and you are going to end up with some massive riots.

That said, thing got real fast. The way the Prime Minister goes from slapping Kaname to literally kneeling in front of the Flamengers was striking.

As was the plan for political officers and their families to evacuate first. The Flamengers must keep quiet about it, but they do get something out of the deal, the evacuation of 5 people they care about.

How dirty.


The Hero
This little dilemma allowed for some nice character development. We got to see different sides of the Flamengers, which is nice because we only knew them superficially up to this point.

It’s nice to know they have people they care about in their lives, and the scene with Pink was rather interesting. Guess Sakura has family issues.

And damn Soichi is lonely, but I guess it makes sense. The guy has been on the Flamengers project the longest. Does he have anything else? It seems not.

The best part was the scene at the end though. That’s going to have some serious repercussions but I am glad Hazama made it. Guy needs to stick to his guns.

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