Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Log Horizon 14

Press Start

So we get a lot of backstory. Game backstory, and flavor text, and game mechanics that are actually pretty real and relevant. Actually there are a lot of things going on this episode. Let’s start with the important things first.

World Fraction

Game Face, On!
The fancy little spell that started it all. Actually, it has been used three times now, the last one to bring the adventurers in person.

The first time it was used it brought forth the birth of monsters. The second time it brought the adventurers.

The time this happened in-game lines up with the start of the open beta. Basically, this would be the time the people of the land started seeing Adventures and the people on Earth started playing Elder Tale.

Then there’s the third time, when the people playing the game find themselves in their characters. I guess you could say the third World Fraction completed the crossing over process.

At least, that’s the explanation purely from the Elder Tales’ perspective.

The Possibilities

Have you seen a more trustworthy looking guy around?
The wisdom of listening to someone supposedly responsible for creating something called Key of Eternal Darkness aside, Reagan does provide a lot of information.

Not only the history lesson. His existence hints all that flavor text is not necessarily just flavor.

He calls Shiroe an Archmage, because from his point of view that’s exactly what he is. The character known as Shiroe has studied magic for more than 8 decades, who knows how that actually translates in terms of skills. Sure the guy has a skill menu, but what else could he do if he tried.

But that’s not the actually urgent part. The urgent part is that now that the adventurers' minds and bodies are together at last, they run the risk of losing their memories.

They can respawn, but abusing it might be troublesome.

The Other Team

Obligatory Akatsuki Image
While all this goes on, the kids are still having trouble clearing on easy dungeon.

Mainly, because they have no clue how to fight as a party.

Minori obviously knows but she’s just too shy to speak up. That’s got to be annoying. In its own way shyness can be quite crippling. Looking forward to see how she steps up next episode.

Also, I really liked to see Ruddy training.

For all his bluster there is a dedicated side to the guy. Not bad.

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