Friday, January 10, 2014

Samurai Flamenco 12

A Hero's Faces


Our heroes continue to fight evil as the newest Sentai Team in town.

Now, if they could only fight as an actual team.

Seriously, using your super cannon against the monster when there’s a decent chance you’ll hit your teammate is not cool. Where did Red Axe get these guys?

On the plus side, they are really famous.

Like, really famous. Toy and all.

Hazama is really in the spotlight now (so much for secret identities). Kind of sad we didn’t get to see him chewed out by his manager though.

The Others

Why isn't there an idol living in my closet?
Okay, so Hazama is a big shot hero now. So, where are the others? You know, the other guys that were with him every step of the way and helped him?

Luckily the anime hasn’t forgotten about them. Scientist guy is alive, but the government confiscated his crazy inventions. Those jealous bastards.

Goto is Goto, a cop to the end. The idol group is selling, but Mari has gone missing for a while.

But that’s just what Goto tells Hazama. Mari is actually living with Goto now.

Was not expecting that. Guess, she really likes a guy in uniform. Plus, the whole King Torture thing that happened. Guy messed her up real bad and she’s still not ready get back on her feet it seems.

I’m actually looking forward to her comeback.


I am not saying anything, but you're totally thinking it
So there’s actually a documentary about the Flamengers.

All things considered, it went way better than it could have gone what with their personalities being what they are.

In true sentai fashion, they even took steps towards being an actual team.

And defeated all four generals.

A job well done.

Now they just have to defeat the 64 War Gods.

Man, there’s something seriously wrong with that difficulty spike. Don’t you know it goes from more to less. You can’t just increase quality and quantity at once!

On a completely unrelated note, I like the new OP.

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