Friday, January 24, 2014

HST Report #29

Didn't think that one through, did you?

Bleach #565

So I usually make fun of Bleach but this chapter was genuinely interesting. Sure it makes certain things even more confusing, but that’s how it always goes in Bleach; so it was actually pretty good.

Probably because it had no Renji.

Anyway, we get Emperor’s backstory this time around. The guy is a parasite… kind of. Sure he helps you, but in the long run he gets all the benefits.

And he needs constant war to keep himself in good shape, which means the Quincy are locked in a cycle of constant struggle.

And Ishida is kind of screwed right now. Guy really needs to watch what he drinks.

One Piece #735

Pink is the new Manly
… okay so Baby guy is hard-boiled. Especially for a guy dressed like a baby.

That said, Franky doesn’t seem to be having much trouble… at least until the Marines arrive. Fujitora is lending a hand for his own reasons.

Got to say it was nice to get more of the guy. Guy plans to abolish the Shichibukai system and says as much to Doflamingo.

He’s a rather pragmatic man.

Meanwhile Sabo prepares to fight… okay seriously why don’t they just steal the fruit? Why always let the bad guy dictate the rules?

Naruto #662

School's open, the Professor is in

Okay so no surprise save for Sasuke. Color me surpised.

Meanwhile the rest of the alliance deals with Spiral Zetsu aka Good Boy Zetsu.

Man, where has this guy been? Guess, he is the one Madara and Black Zetsu were talking about last chapter.

Got to say it was nice seen Sarutobi show his stuff. That was an awesome jutsu clash.

Also, Orochimaru seems to be planning something. Hopefully it will be good.

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