Monday, January 27, 2014

Log Horizon 17


The Little League

I like these guys now. There’s something about watching characters grow before your eyes. Their teamwork has certainly improved.

That said I do worry about Ruddy. I mean, how obvious is this! The scene in the opening. Him getting to keep the cool gauntlets. Making friends with the girl. Forming true bonds of friendship!

God, he might as well be committing suicide before our very eyes.

Live on Ruddy!

Even if I have spoiled myself, I’ll pretend I haven’t. That’s an anime viewer’s pride!

The Politics

Serious Business

Please help us.

How about we help you?

Is that really so hard to say. Politics makes morons out of people. The People of the Land are worried about being in the Adventurers’s debt. The Adventurers are worried entering into a conflict just like that. The People of the Land are trying really hard to keep the disappearance of the super duper knights a secret.

Got to say, this is kind of ugly. Seriously, asking a guy to sacrifice his city? No cool. Seriously not cool.

That said, I did like Shiroe and group planning who was going to play bad cop and good cop.

The Lazy Princess


Some people have good sense.

It’s a really rare skill.

Getting a shiny pokemon with pokerus without trading with anyone is easier.

If you need help, ask for it. Respect the other guy and be honest.

Oh, if only more people could be like that. In any case, the princess has stepped out of her shell. It should be amusing to see her take the stage now.

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