Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Log Horizon 13


Ah the first post of the year. Better yet, it's my first first post of the year.

Krusty’s Shield

This episode we get some shine the spotlight on Lenessia. She is admired from afar by many. The mysterious melancholic, twilight princess. A lone beauty whose mind ponders no doubt deep, important subjects.

Only not. In reality she’s a gloomy, unmotivated girl who’d rather spend all day in her bed rather than having to put up with nobles and parties all the time. This was pretty good as far as small twists go. Lenessia is someone burdened by her position. There are plenty of expectation of her and plenty of false niceties. People are expected to behave in a certain way around her and she’s expected to hold up certain standards. 

Naturally, she’s bored of it all, but keeps going through the motions.

Few know of her true nature and that suits her just fine.

Until Krusty enters the picture and proves himself able to read her like a book.

And uses her to avoid all those stuffy meetings.

He’s a bad man.

Highly amusing though. Guy was great this episode. The princess is annoyed and jealous of the guy who has all the freedom she wishes for, but realizes working together does benefit them both. Looking forward to see how these two develop.

The Others

Also cute

So while Krusty is manipulating innocent girls, the others are going to boring meetings and collecting information. The People of the Land really want to know more about Adventurers… for a variety of reasons.

Can’t blame them. If I had an immortal army living next to me, I would be worried as well.

The Round Table has to play nice to prove the People of the Land they can be trusted and that means going to all the parties and stuff, all while Akatsuki is spying on them.

I’m so glad I never got into politics

Interesting to note, the Adventures are already making waves. Their cooking method has become widespread and the People of the Land are interested in sea travel now.

So much stuff happening. We even end with a cliffhanger.

Give me answers !

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