Wednesday, January 29, 2014

HST Report Last

And the next jobber is...

Okay, so big announcement everyone.

This is my last HST report.

The title is kind of a big hint.

Nothing against the HST, but even if this takes at most half an hour it is still half an hour I could be using on writing something else. I barely have enough time as it is. Seriously, I haven’t done a Spotlight in ages. I miss that.

So yeah, axing this in order to selfishly do what I want.

That’s how Hazard rolls.

Bleach #566

So… nothing really happened.

Weird, bug looking guy (because of the glasses) had Renji sleeping in front of him and failed to do anything.

I mean, that’s just…

Oh, and Rukia is now fighting fear guy.


If she wins, the I feel sorry for fear guy. That’s just embarrassing. If she loses, then it’s only so Byakuya can rescue her, which is not all that interesting. Guy should have died already.

A really sharp dive compared to last chapter.

One Piece #736

Let's have a merry bullfight!

Also meh.

Less meh, but still meh.

Okay so the flag fruit is fun and all, but nothing noteworthy happened this time. Luffy runs into trouble, Sabo fights in the Coliseum, and Dofla is kind of angry.

It’s amazing how much I don’t care about this chapter.  

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