Sunday, January 26, 2014

Samurai Flamenco 14

And that boys and girls is how the government works

So let’s drop the usual format for this one. There’s so much I really can’t limit it to three.

Okay so Hazama’s announcement trigger one big reaction from From Beyond. Phone Calls! Lots of Phone Calls! One for every remaining member of From Beyond actually.

Man, I just love their names. Seriously. Miami Ballerina!

In front of this threat, the government… they kind of suck. Seriously, don’t close up the city when everyone needs to get out of the city. I get that riots and panic are a concern but seriously. Not cool. Not cool at all.

I got to say I was glad to see reporter guy return. There is some tension around him, and Hazama has not quite forgiven him, which makes sense. Sure, Mari all but jumped into the trap, but Reporter guy did work with King Torture.

How dare they!
I really liked Hazama’s speech. Sure, it wasn’t the most eloquent thing ever, but it came from the heart. Under the circumstances it was the best he could and it was the most honest thing he could do, which is what really matters.

I was also glad to see the aftermath of the evacuation of the Flamengers’ relatives. Some took the chance. Other didn’t. It is a small thing, but it was nice.

Plus, I that Pink’s parents won’t acknowledge their (supposedly) adulterer daughter, kind of funny.

The battle was not the greatest animated thing ever, but I liked it all the same. Going at it with the robots right away was a smart move.

Calling all Riders!

And Kaname’s entrance was just awesome. Like, I don’t even know who those guys he brought in are, but I still got hit by all the nostalgia I would have felt if I had grown up with them. That’s how cool the moment was.

And then seeing all the people rise up and combination sequence! Damn, just thinking of it make me all giddy.

Somehow, that wasn’t the most surprising moment though. That award goes to Beyond Flamenco. I can’t wait for the next episode!

Insert Dramatic Reveal Music

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