Thursday, January 23, 2014

Nobunaga the Fool 3

Well, that face is... something.


So I have to say it. These guys are stupid. Seriously. “Hey, you know, maybe we should use this Leonardo Da Vinci guy to help us what with him knowing how to build giant robots and all. Plus, him being from another planet and knowing who knows what else that we could use to become stronger.”

I mean, isn’t the answer obvious? Like, really obvious?

But no, let’s be a stubborn and superstitious lot. Foreigners can’t be trusted!

No wonder Nobu left the meeting up to Mitsuhide. The guy knew how it was going to end up from the get go.

Owari is stagnant. If it rises up it certainly won’t be thanks to the advisors and Nobu’s dad.


They can't hold those for long!
I have said this before but this is a crime.

Books like that should not be bound. You’re hurting them! They are filled with hopes and dreams! They are not meant to be tied up like that.

You’re hurting the hopes and dreams!

Anyway, Jeanne and Nobu get to know each other better, well, mainly it is Jeanne who sees more of Nobu this episode. As an aside, it seems she doesn’t have a good handle on those visions of hers going by the way the fire paralyzed. I thought she at least remembered the scenes showed to us but even that seems to be blurry for her.

The Battle

Victory is Mine!
Okay so Nobu is really good with a bow and arrow.

Like, really good. Seriously, good.

Kind of makes you wonder why they would built something where the pilot can be seen like that, but whatever. It’s not like most archers would be able to take advantage of that design flaw.

… actually I am too lazy to check now, but do Takeda’s grunt armors even have screen to the outside or are those vents the only way for the performer to see?

Oh and Nobu gets tricked in marriage. Sort of.

The early bird gets the worm!

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