Friday, January 3, 2014

HST Report #25-26

The Unlikely Favorite

One Piece #731-732

So Bellamy got off-screened, but that’s fine because Bartolomeo is here!

Plus, he proves that in spite of everything negative he has going for him, he’s still a better person than Dofla and his gang.

Meanwhile, Ussop’s group is planning to take out the person who turns people into toys, thus restoring everyone’s memory. A risky plan but a necessary one.

Back to the Coliseum, Bartolomeo runs into Luffy… and is unable to do even look him in the eyes.

He’s a pure maiden, that guy.

Oh, and Sabo’s alive.

Shocking revelations aside, Ussop’s group runs into a small problem when Franky can’t enter through the hole made for obviously much smaller people. He’s got to take the direct route.

And runs into SeƱor Pink.

I… It’s not like I have no words, but rather that I have too many of them. Oh well, the fight should be fun provided we get to see it this time. It's nice to see this arc is finally picking up steam.

Bleach #560-561

Rated M for Manly
This chapter our hero, Mask de Masculine fights two captains.

The Captains are strong but a true hero gets powers from cheers! No villain can stand up to that. Unless they are dirty, cheaters who take out the little guy first. Then use their mind power Bankai on you.

You know, that would have actually worked had Love not been stupid enough to explain how his power works.

I mean really, what an idiot.

He deserved that hole in his chest.

Naruto 658-659

I can see this all day
So the Ninja Alliance realized that standing between 9 Tailed Beasts and whatever can actually pose a threat to them is not a good idea.

Collateral damage. No one wants to be it.

What follows…

Is pretty damn awesome.

Not Gaara and Shukaku’s little “I Control the Sand in your Body” trick, though that was pretty badass.

I’m talking about the one-sided beatdown the beasts deliver here. Let’s face it, even if you like Madara like I do, this was pretty damn satisfying.

However, Madara manages to escape Shukaku’s and Garaa’s attempt to seal him with Susanoo. This is the second time Madara uses an eye technique without an eye. Could it be that after unlocking it, you don’t really need the eye for all techniques. Chakra absorption and Susanoo come with the eyes powers but they are not really eye dependent. Or is it something else?

In any case, the Bijuu smack him down again. Susanoo and all. Madara manages to escape but he’s not missing one arm and is heavily wounded. Thank God for Sage Mode durability and Senjuu regen.

Thankfully for Madara, Zetsu comes with his eye. It would have been pretty one sided otherwise.

Madara summons the Gedo Mazo right out off Tobi’s body (which probably hurt like hell) and uses it to try to absorb the Bijuu.

Got to say, as far as ways to capture the Bijuu go, this one makes a lot of sense. I mean, we have already seen Tobi use it to suck the Tailed Beasts like it was no big deal.

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