Friday, January 17, 2014

HST Report #28

So that's how the guy works

Bleach 564

Okay so Renji wins…

Yeah, so… not interested. Doesn’t matter what new Bankai he has. Renji is always Renji.

The stuff about never actually knowing his sword’s true name was kind of interesting, but again Renji.

Shame Mask is gone though.

Losing a character like him just so Renji could show off is a serious misuse of resources.

One Piece 734

He lives!
More Coliseum stuff… why?

Anyway, pretty boy has an alternate personality that shows up when he falls asleep. Sadly, while he knocks out everyone but Rebecca, he also disqualifies himself by sleeping.

Rebecca wins.

Meanwhile, Doflamingo is doing some good old fashioned evil gloating, not knowing the Strawhats are on the move.

And Law is alive!


Naruto 661

Since it is a cliffhanger he will be alright by the next chapter
Madara takes the Bijuu. Gaara flies away with Naruto’s unconscious body.

Only, then does Tobirama finally decide to try to backstab Madara. Granted, at least there’s a reason. Meanwhile, Hashirama gave Sasuke some chakra and a jutsu.

Then Madara stabs Sasuke, but that’s not really the important part. Stabbed or not we all know he’s going to use the jutsu next chapter.

No, the important part of the chapter is Madara’s little speech, an attack at Hashirama.

He’s kind of got a point.

Hashirama had good intentions, but at the end he was still the guy who killed Madara to protect the village. 

That sounds like a good thing, right? However, think on his words, which we get on the mini-flashback. It basically boils down to “I’ll kill who I have to in order to protect the village.” That was not what Hashirama dreamed of. Though better, ninja society boiled down to those words for a long while. For the village.

For the village they killed a lot of people.

Madara punctuates this by mentioning just how much time he gave them to do something.

Madara’s plan took decades to put into action. Ninja had that time to get their act together but they didn’t. The village era, in a way, only switched mass carnage for controlled carnage.

Kind of depressing.

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