Saturday, January 4, 2014

HST Report #27

Tiny. But Fierce

One Piece #733

So, we get some stuff at the Coliseum this time. Can’t this I have any interest in that.

Meanwhile, Ussop finds himself in charge of the whole strategy. No matter how you look at it, this guy has sure ended up with a lot of underlings, hasn’t he? Oh how things change.

There’s more stuff about Toy Soldier being badass, but I can’t care that much for it. The Rebecca stuff just doesn’t interest me.

Oh, and someone may have Haki’ed all the fighters in the Coliseum.

Bleach 562-563

A true fan won't let something as silly as being cut in half stop him from cheering!

Yeah, so this might be trying to show how Renji is all badass now, but it has one vital flaw.

He’s Renji.

He’s the guy who loses to make others look good. Trying to make him look good just doesn’t work.

Plus, Mask is way more entertaining. 

As an aside that’s one of the better Quincy Super Modes.

Naruto 660

Now, we can stay up all night and play video games!

This chapter has some really good interaction between Shukaku and Gaara, complete with flashbacks. Nice to finally see the old priest who was the previous host.

Their conversation hit the right notes for me. It also gives us some nice characterization for Shukaku.

The subsequent talk with Gaara was good as well.  Seeing them fighting together was pretty cool.

Oh, and Naruto gets the Kyuubi taken out of him. Man, that's going to hurt like hell. Oh, and the dying part, but I'm not worried. Kushina survived that stuff. Naruto has been guaranteed to do it ever since that happened.

And Hachibi may have cut one of his tails off for clone tricks.

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