Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Log Horizon 16

Not so Harmless... nah, just kidding

The Goblins

Don’t you just love these guys? I mean, they are low level enemies any low level player can beat. It’s even fun at points.

Kill Goblins for food, money and items. What would RPGs be without them or any other low level monster for the matter?

Unless you let them grow.

I really liked the way the quest was implemented here. It never happened in game because the players were, well, playing the game. But now there are tons of goblins and they ain’t happy.

I wonder what other consequences can rise up in the future?

Work for Quests

How quickly they grow
Quests. The basis of the relationship between Adventurers and People of the Land... until the game went real.

Now that the Adventurers are becoming a real force, things got a little more complicated. I both liked and was annoyed by this.

On one hand the “Why should I help you?” sentiment was quite understandable. Adventurers owe nothing to the People of the Land. If they don’t want to ask for help that’s their business.

On the other hand, if you’re an adventurer have the decency to act like one! Really, stop overthinking and kill some monsters.

I really liked that the kids went ahead and chose to fight.

The Death

Crusty for President!
Shiroe reveals what he learned in previous episode, the loss of memories from death. Thankfully, this didn’t end up blowing up on his face. It could have gotten ugly under other circumstances.

Also, points to Crusty. I have no clue if he is lying or not, but he did manage to bring order to the situation and for now get everyone to work together in spite of the fear.

Though I have to wonder just what’s going to happen when the news get out to everyone.

Not everyone is going to be as cool as Crusty about it.

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