Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Nobunaga The Fool

The Happy Couple and their Giant Robot... hold it...


Was this the let’s all show how incompetent the government is week or something? Did I miss an announcement? ‘cause between this and Samurai Flamenco, I’m almost sure I did.

Okay, let’s review. The guy you looked down on for who knows how long shows up with a badass robot.
Later a VIP wants to marry this guy and form an alliance that will benefit you greatly, what with you barely having anything to offer so far.

So why on Earth would you plan on killing Nobu? Seriously. How does it follow you can marry Himiko to Nobu’s brother when she specifically wants Nobu?

They aren’t just jerks. They’re useless.

Jeanne Again

Justice prevails!

So apparently, her character development is going to be a thing through the show. Hopefully, it’ll lead to something good.

The flashback to people hating her because of her powers was a bit cliché, but it does offer some insight. More interesting  to me was her making her own bed. It’s a little thing, but it does show her trying to adjust to an entirely new place.

Her relationship with Nobu is going slow, and she’s kind of in denial about some things and angry at the guy for certain reasons. Man, I really hope she gets a better handle of her powers in the future. They are the kind of thing that could be really amusing if used right.

As an aside, I am glad Himiko saw through her. You can’t hide a good pair!

The Wedding

Jealousy. Rising.
Credit to Da Vinci. He smoothly turned a wedding into a proposal ceremony.

He’s taking an awful lot of liberties though.

He’s totally taking advantage of the situation. For a guy considered an outsider, he sure is capable of taking charge when it suits him.

I wonder just who is the upside down Magician here?

Seeing Himiko in a wedding dress was nice as was seeing jealous Jeanne.

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