Monday, January 13, 2014

Log Horizon 15

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The Dungeon

Minori steps up, and thanks to her the group ends up having their first strategy session. Got to say, it was fun hearing what their different spells did and how their classes worked.

If I had the game, I would end up playing a bard. Those spells of them look pretty neat.

Back on topic, the group shares what their skills do, and they are able to form a coherent strategy in order to face the dungeon. This was a good moment. The strategy was nothing out of this world, but the fact that they worked together to achieve that results made a good impression on me.


That's one way to get friendzoned
So yeah.

Something’s up with this guy.

He has really grown on me. Contrary to his usual attitude, he’s a guy that really wants to prove himself and is willing to put a lot of effort.

Also, seeing him get compared to a dog was pretty funny. However, something is definitely up with him.

Okay, so we all know what’s up with him. The anima has not really been remotely subtle on this plot point.


And a dog
So glasses is still worried about the stuff he learned from Regan. True to his character, he keep this information to himself.

Come on, Shiroe! You know that stuff never goes well.

Does no one watch TV anymore?

As an aside, I am interested in the way he is approaching contract-making. It should be fun to see what he comes up in the future. Magical contracts offer a lot of possibilities.

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