Thursday, January 9, 2014

Nobunaga the Fool 1

Alright, let's do this!

A new season starts and with it comes the problem of choosing what to follow.

Honestly, Buddy Complex kind of looks interesting, but I already followed a two-protagonists mecha anime before. Plus, the character and mecha designs leave something to be desired. Honestly, it looks interesting, but it’s a bit too soon.

So yeah, I went with Nobunaga the Fool. On one hand, Kawamori and all that implies. On the other, Jeanne is hot.

There’s no way a decision made this way can backfire!


Shut up, you!

Okay so we start Jeanne (yes, that one) being burnt, then immediately flash forward to Oda Nobunaga getting betrayed by Mitsuhide.

Oh, and apparently Jeanne reincarnates as Ranmaru (and later reincarnates back into Jeanne).

That’s high level yaoi-bait.

Anyway, flashforward. The world is divided into two stars or planets or whatever. One of them is Japan, the other is the rest of the world.

…Japan, you so silly.

The West is almost completely unified under one ruler. The East… no so much.

Oh, and Nobunaga and Jeanne are having dreams about each other.

Now, Nobunaga is with his pals Hideyoshi and Mitsuhide (betrayal waiting to happen?) when they find forces belonging to Takeda Shingen (soldiers who have giant robots by the way).

Nobunaga tries to warn the fortress about the coming attack. Naturally, the commander fails to listen to Nobunaga… God, where do they get these guys? How many times does the commander actually listen when warned about the coming army?

So yeah, they get wiped out.

Meanwhile on another planet, Jeanne is treated as an outcast, because people think she is demon-possessed.
Then Da Vinci comes in!

Who works for King Arthur.


Guy wants to know everything about Jeanne’s visions and takes her on a journey.

Magellan is the ship’s captain.


Jeanne’s visions then tell her it’s time and she and Leonardo flee from the ship while stealing a ship in the process and the super prototype DaVinci built in the process.

A shooting star shines through the sky.

And falls way too close to Nobunaga for comfort.

Nobunaga investigates the ship, and finds Jeanne… plus a giant robot. Which is good because Magellan’s troops are close.

Giant Robot fight, start!


Ass Kicking Mode, Enabled

An interesting first episode I guess. The fact that there’s a king Arthur around is kind of weird but fine. It’s not like this is meant to be remotely historically accurate.

There seems to be a tarot theme going on, which makes the use of the “Fool” nickname rather clever… wait, does that mean we are going to get a Hanged Man episode? Meh, whatever.

Nobunaga seems like a fun guy. Hopefully, his character will be good enough to carry the show. Jeanne is kind of unknown for now, but we’ll see how she develops.

Mitsuhide… I’m not sure where they are going with him. Every anime fan should know the story by now. Betrayal and all that. Then again, it doesn’t really have to be the same this time, but it makes you think.

Nobunaga’s robot is kind of cool. At least the face. The rest of the body ain't much to look at.

All in all, I’m looking forward to see how this develops.

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