Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Highschool DxD New 1

It's Time!

The W in New stands for boobs!

So yeah, DxD joins the blog's season lineup. Now, I know what some of you are wondering. Why DxD? It’s a fanservice anime. It’s basically an excuse to put as much tits and ass on screen as possible.

Hazard says, Exactly.

Plus, I like a protagonist that’s so straightforward in his desires. Really the way other harem leads go, you’d think sex was this horrifically scary thing. Screw that. Perverted fun is nice every now and then. 


We start after the fight with Raiser last season, and it seems like Rias and Issei have grown even closer. Sleep on the same bed closer. Rias being naked during all of this. Something that doesn't quite sit well with Asia; so she gets naked as well. Of course.

I totally get Issei’s two stupid friends. I am incredibly jealous too.

Anyway, the fight with Raiser has left a mark on Issei. The arm he “sacrificed” is still going dragon every so often and a ritual with Akeno is required. A ritual with a wet Akeno wearing only a very thing robe sucking his finger...

Die, Issei. Seriously.

Also, what the hell anime people? How could you cut that scene short? What do you mean I have to wait for the BD release? What evil is this?

Totally Someone without Consequence

Okay back to the story,  seeing a Holy Sword in Issei’s old pictures gets Kiba in an increasingly bad mood. Looks like, Kiba’s deal with Holy Sword is finally going to be explored and just in time too, because we seem to have a lot of them in town.

Kiba is going to have to deal with his issues soon or his issues are going to deal with him.


You can tell Things are Serious because he is Crying

Man, doing a summary is such a pain.

Anyway, good episode. The animation is nothing stellar, and the opening and ending songs are just okay. DxD is always fun though.

I also have to admire the way the relationship between Issei and Rias is developing. Some anime take a season to even get to hand holding. The straightforward perverted style is just refreshing.

On Kiba, it kind of feels like they rushed it. Now, Hazard knows his deal with Holy swords has been hinted before, but this still feels a bit sudden.

Maybe because they put all of it in the same episode? I mean we go from “Holy Sword!” to “I am so preoccupied with my thoughts about Holy Swords that I almost caused Koneko to be seriously injured” That’s too fast and we get too little of Kiba during that time. If they had taken one episode more to set his mental stage it would have worked better I think.

Moving away from Kiba, Freed was the real star of the episode. He stole the entire show with his last minutes. The guy is just so wonderfully insane it is funny.

Final thing, as you may have noticed I am barely mentioning the light novel. That’s on purpose. Don’t expect much in the way of light novel to anime comparisons here.

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