Wednesday, July 24, 2013

HST Report #7

There is a New Sage in Town

Okay so less HST and more like just Naruto. No OP and Bleach this week; so I’ll allow myself to go into a little more depth about Naruto this week.

Naruto 640   
This chapter Naruto keeps showing he can be insanely fast at times, and Minato is unable to use his super duper technique yet again.

He’s getting Teten’ed :)

But enough of that let’s go into the important stuff!

There are people who say Obito is weak-willed because of the whole Rin thing, and that He is a guy who is too weak to face reality.

Hazard says those people have no clue what they are talking about.

There are many things you can call a guy that declares war on the world to enact his plan to put everyone in a super illusion. Weak is not one of them. Thing is, regardless of his end goals, the guy is taking on the world. A weak willed guy sees a problem and is overcome by it. Obito sees a problem and is determined to fix it, albeit in a horrible way.

This is made quite clear this chapter. The way Obito’s body is torn apart by Juubi’s power is striking. It is really graphic and puts in perspective just what Obito is willing to go through for his goal. The juxtaposition with his old team picture really worked here.

That picture is what Obito has lost, the innocent days, and it is what he wants to go back to.  Obito putting back together the picture (his goal) through sheer willpower was a surprisingly cool moment coming from the nihilistic villain.

Looking forward to see how this progresses now that Obito has his mind back.

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