Wednesday, July 17, 2013

HST Report #6

Remember that guy? And that one?

One Piece 715

And we continue with the awesome battle between Law, Doflamingo, and that one new admiral. A duel for the ages!

Wait, what? What do you mean we are stuck with the Coliseum stuff? Has Hazard used this joke already? I am kind of lazy to check..

Anyway, Credit where credit is due, the skills and styles displayed by the new characters are cool and all, but I am not just into all these new guys.  Sure they all seem quirky enough to be interesting, but there is just way more important stuff going on.

Bleach 546

That Face

You are the man, Keigo!

Anyway, Shunsui tells us that Ichigo may gain a power that would make it dangerous for him to remain in the human world. He also gives Ichigo’s friends free passes to Soul Society! Complete with an all you can eat buffet!  Soul Society, the best vacation spot ever!

While this is all goes on Emperor Zangetsu arrives in Soul Society.

Which is now not Soul Society anymore because his evil Quincy powers magically makes it into his super duper Quincy Fortress.

That’s kind of cool to be honest.

Oh, and Chad and Orihime are still doing awesome stuff in Hueco Mundo off-screen.

And no Bleach for 5 weeks. That's going to suck. I complain a lot about Bleach but I do want to see how it all ends.

Naruto 639

Tobi does not Care for your Monologues

So, Tobi can fly.

And a lot more, which he shows by fighting the Hokage without breaking a sweat.

Very nice fight scenes by the way, and that black combination of four elements is really cool, especially in the way in which how Tobi uses it. Why throw random beams when  you can blast a guy right in the face.

Meanwhile, Madara finally decides to do stuff. Hashirama vs Madara showdown of ultimate destiny, start!

Surprisingly enough, that’s not the interesting thing in this chapter. It is Sasuke. The guy proclaims he is going to be the one to change the past. This is accompanied by the usual Team 7 photo in Sasuke’s mind. Only this time, the Naruto in the picture is cut. 

Could this have to do with his desire to kill the Bijuu earlier on? In any case, Sasuke grows more suspicious by the chapter. 

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