Thursday, July 25, 2013

The World God Only Knows III 3

Five Timing Time

Keima begins his plan in earnest.

You know where it not for the circumstances I would say that planning to seduce five girls in one week comes across as really sexists or something.  Luckily this works because Kanon’s life is in danger and just as importantly Keima is Keima. 

Him being a 2D obsessed Otaku kind of works in his favor here. Just as much as the fact that he really is starting to care about all of this.

Plus, you have to admit there is something funny about watching the guy at work.


The scenes here vary a little from funny to cute. Tsukiyo’s scene in the bus was just really cute as was the little story Keima and Shiori write to each other. The last one was probably my favorite scene in the episode.

What can I say? Hazard is weak to that stuff.

Plus, that "and then he died" ending was kind of funny. 

You haven't even seen him playing games yet.

Of course that’s just as far as romance goes, Yui’s scenes are where the comedy is at! The body switch with Keima has done… really interesting things with her. Like I said last review, Yui is looking like his biggest obstacle. In one episode, she successfully corners him, realizes he is at least three-timing, and is determined to be the one who “conquers” him instead.

Careful, Keima. You may actually end up wearing that girl’s uniform at this rate.

Meanwhile back at the plot, weird things are going on in Hell. A search for the goddess has been declared, and that’s weird. Is this a helpful ‘find my old ally’ search or is this a simple hunt?

And when are we going to get more of that cute Vintage member?

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