Sunday, July 14, 2013

Saint Seiya Month

What do you mean they aren't the main characters?

Welcome to Saint Seiya Month!

Which starts mid July and ends sometime in August, but since when where you under the impression that Saint Seiya month had to coincide with some boring calendar month?

What the Hell is Saint Seiya month?

Yes, you may be wondering what is all this about. Actually, I have been wanting to do this one for a while and this seemed like a good time as any.

First the basics, Saint Seiya is an awesome manga turned awesome anime turned rather large franchise.

To elaborate, growing up in Latin America you had to know three anime: Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, and Saint Seiya. Back then you could ask a random school kid and he would totally know how to do the silly poses for Hyoga’s Diamond Dust (seriously, Google it. It is silly as hell).

Anyway, Saint Seiya month is a series of Spotlight segments (one each week) dedicated to the various media incarnations of the franchise (of which there is a surprising amount).

Why should I care about Saint Seiya?

Why aren't these guys golden?

Because it is awesome!

Seriously though, if you really dislike Shounen Style hero overcoming all odds by sheer willpower, then it is time to turn away. Saint Seiya is made to run on will power.

Saint Seiya is Man vs God in a very literal way, a hot-blooded, literal way. Let’s take a look.

The Setting

Gods exist. Most of them happen to be jerks. Greek jerks. But there is one hope for humanity, Athena. Zeus rules the Heavens. Poseidon slumbers in the sea. Hades waits in the underworld. But it is Athena who will make sure humans are protected.

In order to protect mankind she has the aid of her loyal warriors, The Saints (or Knights depending on the translation but the actual term is Saint). Donning cloths (armor) representing the constellations they fight to protect the world!

Man, it felt so nice to say that. Now, let’s go over some stuff you can expect in every Saint Seiya incarnations.

The Gods

Oh OVA, how could you go so wrong?

Probably a little obvious but you can always expect Gods. Gods reincarnate into humans in order to manifest in this world. Athena likes doing so because she really likes humans. Other gods don’t really share her appreciation for them.

Most Gods want to kill all humans.

They don’t destroy the planet (even though they could). The planet is cool. It is the humans that are the problem; so expect to see Gods acting to destroy the human population. Hades will put together a needlessly complicated eclipse. Poseidon will flood the entire Earth. Etc.

Saint Seiya is ultimately about man opposing forces that are just so much stronger; so we’ll always have gods for our protagonists to fight against. 

Soap Opera Good

Sometimes the excitement of the plot comes from clashes of intellect and strategy.

Saint Seiya is so not one of those shows.

Saint Seiya is about emotion. While not as prominent in later installments, it should be noted that emotion comes first in Saint Seiya.

Saint Seiya is about manly tears. About noble sacrifices. About heated battles. About dramatic turnabouts. About Burn My Cosmo!

The last one is especially important. You could say those three words are the soul of Saint Seiya.

Because of that please do expect things like common sense to take a backseat in this show.

Saint Seiya, as should be obvious right now, is not for everyone. Hazard love it to death, but it really isn't for everyone.

Now, if you are okay with what I have written then stick around. I am going to have fun with this.

Final thing, as always no update tomorrow.

Final Final thing, this forum finally got more than a thousand views. I want to thank everyone for that.

Even the bots. 

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