Wednesday, July 10, 2013

HST Report #5

But He's my Friend 

One Piece #714

We… don’t continue with the awesome fight that was promised last chapter… I hate it when that happens. Instead we get… a modern artist?

Kinda creative but wouldn't all that seawater mess with the devil fruit’s power? Oh well, whatever.

Meanwhile, more Gladiator stuff happens and to be honest I am just not feeling it. Except for one part, Bro Mode Bellamy!

Guy seems to actually care about Luffy, which sucks for him because his loyalties are divided now. Looking forward to see how that ends up. Could this guy possibly become a new crew member?

Bleach #545

Because you can't fight evil unless you have prepared a brand new outfit first!
And not much happens. Byakuya is back in action. Rukia and Renji are training… okay seriously why is Rukia there? Like, was she really that wounded? Byakuya was a bloody smear but Rukia and Renji… why are they there? If you are going to waste time training Rukia with super duper Royal Guard resources... aren't there guys who would benefit more from that?

Anyway, back in the human world people are missing Ichigo.

When a wild Shunsui appears!

He says Ichigo and them (his friends) will have to part ways eventually. Interesting and I can’t help but wonder if this is a roundabout way of trying to recruit them. Seriously, Tatsuki not having super powers is a crime.

Naruto #638

With One More Eye, He'd be Omnipotent!

Okay so, I have to say I really like that panel with Hinata’s eyes. Never though veiny eyes could be attractive but there you go.

Anyway, Obito has become the Strongest! With his new power, he tears the giant barrier, smashes those temple things, and one shots Hashirama!

Yeah, so things have gotten a lot more dangerous all of the sudden. However, not everything is good for Obito, the guy seems to have lost some of his sense of self with the transformation. Is he able to use Infinite Tsukuyomi like that?

Meanwhile, Madara seems to have a trump-card of his own. Every ninja has one. It’s their thing.

Seems like things are going to get even more hectic from this point. 

Also, credit to Naruto, he was the only one who noticed what was going on the entire time. 

Final Thing, as you should be used to by now, there will be no update tomorrow.

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