Sunday, July 28, 2013

Spotlight: Pacific Rim

Admit it, Gypsy Danger is an awesome name

Yep, not an anime or manga for once, but I needed to do this. I am also going to drop the usual Spotlight format for this one.

I just watched the movie last week and I have one thing to say: Go see it! Seriously, go! Not sure how much longer it will be in theaters near you, but go!

I had my doubts. Dragon Ball Evolution and the first Godzilla movie kinda took my faith about Hollywood doing these type of things. Sure, there was Speed Racer, but these are Giant Robots. This is the big stuff. Hollywood using giant robots? After how meh the Transformers trilogy was?

Yeah, Hazard doubtful.

But Guillermo del Toro was in the project so I thought, “Why not?”

I am so glad I saw it.

Now, this isn't some overly complex, deep character work and stuff. This is giant robots fighting kaiju and by God it is good!

The plot is simple and straightforward. The characters are quirky and funny. There are decent character arcs and the special effects… fucking amazing!

These are some really cool fights. The sheer scale sometimes is amazing (yeah, I am saying that a lot). Whether it is duking it out in the ocean or fighting in the streets of Hong Kong the battles just evoke this sense of awe, because you are really watching these colossi fighting it out.

That and a robot using a boat as a weapon, how can you not like that?

Also, Elbow Rocket!

There are these nice little details that a guy that has wasted a few weeks of his life watching giant robot shows (Present!) will recognize.

More importantly, this was old fashioned. This was simple, straightforward “Let’s kick ass and save the world in style”. Something that is seriously missing these days.

And the soundtrack is great. It really is. Seriously go Google it or something.

Anyway, I can keep talking about this movie, but it will totally sound like gushing… okay even more gushing.

Giant Robots vs Kaiju!

Fate of the World!

Go See! 

Final Thing, okay so one update per day but it is done. We are all clear now. 

No update tomorrow. We return to our usual schedule. 

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