Friday, July 12, 2013

Majestic Prince 14

Using Porn to Figure out your Teammate's Gender? Brilliant!


Okay seriously what gender is she/he?  Is this going to be one of those season long questions?

Oh well, Ange is thankfully not stuck in psycho mode all day long. Timid Ange is a lot more approachable, and unreasonably good at everything as the rest of the team finds out.

Seriously, mecha piloting, simulation matches, gun knowledge, physical skill, cooking?

Were it not for the bipolar thing she/he would so be edging near Sue territory.

That said, it was nice to see what type of training the team does, as well as their reactions to Ange. It has not caused quite as much friction as Hazard thought it would.

Probably because Izuru is the leader. 


All Out of Bubblegum Mode, Activate!

Speaking of that fearless leader, it seems like he has been having nightmares of a certain battle.

Given that he gave his best performance ever and still ended up with his cockpit slashed and his enemy let him go because he felt like it, I can’t blame him.

It is not weird that the responsibilities on top of him as well as his perceived inability to change things would begin to wear him down, especially since he wants to be a hero.

Luckily Not Lacus is here to give him a pep talk.

Okay… honest time. The shipper in me goes “Nooo!” During that scene. It was something Izuru needed though.

Heroes get stronger when people believe in them.

The Showdown!
So That's why they are calling it now

You know what I like about weapons that increase performance based on a pilot’s emotional state?

Perfect excuse for giving a superior performance at one moment and easily losing the next. The JURIA-System uses Fight or Flight survival instincts, and boy did Izuru want to survive.

The fight was awesome. So awesome that I am giving it its own place.

As much as I liked Valvrave and as much as Gargantia… happened, this is where the cool mecha action is!
Izuru takes his machine to his limits complete with super mode and it shows. Those were some glorious last minutes with wonderful animation and choreography.

Of course, this survival instinct may end up being a dangerous thing. Izuru is alive but will his body be  okay? 

Hell, the guy seemed pretty out of control there. Is the JURIA-System maybe affecting the pilot's mentality.

Something to think about until next week, I guess.

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