Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Highschool DxD New 2

And you thought you were going to get lucky.
Having a Harem is Tough

That's the knowledge our fearless protagonist Issei gains. On one hand, he does have hot, naked girls sleeping next time him every night… die Issei. Seriously die.

Eh, as I was saying , on the other hand he can’t do a thing as this episode showed. Not that either of them would be opposed to the idea. That has been made pretty clear already. It’s the sharing part that’s the problem, as Asia clearly illustrated this episode. 

Should be interesting to see how this develops if more girls are added.

Harems are tough indeed.

A Tragic Past

Unlimit-wait, what do you mean it's already taken?

We get an even closer look at Kiba this episode. Starting with the fight with Freed (who sadly only got a few minutes of screen time this time), then the conversation between Rias and Isse, and finally the impromptu sparring match. 

During the first season, Kiba was the cool, calm guy. Now we are seeing a different side of him, a far more reckless, angry one that really wants to beat up all the Holy Sword users.  The current events are really opening all sorts of old wounds with him and it is only a matter of time before he does something foolish.

Guess, in a way this is “his” arc.

Development for the pretty boy in a harem anime? That’s kind of rare.

The Talk

The Cutest Church Assassin 

The talk between the newly arrived Church group and the Gremory group helped me remember a few issues. There are three sides in all of this and they really don’t get along all that well. The first season only touched this at the beginning, but we are seeing a resurgence of the importance of this being a three sided "cold war". 

I have to admit the little political aspect is kind of interesting.

Granted that, "We won't interfere with you, if you don't interfere with us" thing goes right out of the window in record time under the pretense of a “friendly match” but hey it was fun while it lasted.

Sidenote: Irina is adorable. Kind of crazy too.

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