Monday, July 22, 2013

Majestic Prince 15

How you doin?


There is a time in which you look at the previously wimpy protagonist and you feel a sense of pride. You managed to stick with him all along and you have seen the reward. The boy is now a man.

This isn't what happens here but damn it is funny.

Seeing Izuru being so smooth even the guys were blushing was great. The fact that his manga being good was what tipped them off was the icing on the cake.

Shipper’s Note: See? The fact that Kei’s cake bring him back to normal is a sign of true love.

Mecha Aspects

Now we just need a dew dozen teenagers with attitude.

Okay, so we got quite a bit this time. Seems like the robots actually have a mind of their own, which is cool and not entirely out of the left field (all the times they seemingly acted on their own following the pilot’s impulses), but it does come with a catch.

As funny as Izuru was this time, the fact that his entire personality could be overwritten is more than a little worrying.

Also nice to see was all the crews teaming up to repair Izuru’s robot. It shows a nice sense of camaraderie on the ship, even if they are side characters. Characterization without characterization I guess you could say.

Plus, the good guys have started with the mass production of cool living robots. That may end badly… maybe… probably…

Sidenote: How is Team Doberman still alive?

The Battle

Because the Battle for Izuru's heart is the biggest one

I say this and I don’t get tired of saying it. The battles are cool. Explosions. More explosions and some really nice  battle choreography at times. Giant Robot fighting is always good.

Like always, Ange’s mental state is a big concern. Good skills, but very likely to snap and jump into an ambush.

Have to admit Asagi does a good job at leading the team, but Izuru is Izuru. Going into the battle with only the core? That’s badass. Winning against the enemy team leader with only the core? Amazing. The guy is really becoming better with each episode.

A solid victory, only not. While showy, kinda incompetent Wulgaru guy was fighting, competent, silent Wulgaru was getting all the info he needed. Not Lacus is in danger.

Sidenote 2: Competent Female Officer got promoted. Good for her.

Final thing: Okay, so I kind of went a long time without updating. Yeah, sorry about that. RL kind of swamped me with work these past few days. I cannot just tell you it is not going to happen again, because my foreseeable schedule currently looks pretty busy, but I will tell you that I owe you guys two posts.

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