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Speculation: Valvrave the Liberator

What was the point of this again, other than A-Drei being yandere?

Oh Valvrave, these three months feel like three years and they have barely begun.

Now, the show has quite a few unanswered question and mysteries. No doubt they will be answered in the most outlandish way possible which makes speculating at all silly, but let’s do it anyway.


Let’s start with the obvious, A-Drei is a prince whether that means something is up for debate. For starters the guy was apparently a member of some super duper military school where he and L-Elf at one point held each other at gunpoint. Not exactly where you sent the possible future ruler of the country.

X-Eins all but says he holds Cain in greater importance (though that may just be him being a Cain fanboy), and of course that bit with Cain in the last episodes where he talks about the King’s faction and the fact that the current leader of Dorssia has only been in place for twenty years.

There has been a shift of power in Dorssia maybe even a civil war, and even to this day there are still some tensions between factions it seems. I expect to see more of this in the next season. H-Neun certainly looks like a guy with an agenda and the preview implies some sort of break between him and X-Eins (Cain Loyalist).

Where A-Drei would fall in all of this is unknown… probably in whatever side lets him chase after L-Elf.

The School

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There are so many ways this can go it hurts, but overall I am leaning towards a decrease in prominence of the school characters with a few exceptions as the war takes prominence. Assuming we pick up right where we left of, and not a year later with an amnesiac protagonist, there is Cain to deal with.

Assuming that turns out well, somehow, we have the situation between Shoko and Haruto.

Haruto killed her dad and that’s not going to go away soon. Yeah, she was back normal by the time the season ended but how long will it last? Shoko and Haruto have been drifting away since the season started and this trend may continue in the next one. Of course, there is Shoko’s Moon Confession to consider…. That’s going to end up badly isn't it? To say nothing of Haruto and Saki.

Meanwhile the other Valvrave pilots have a new addition in the form of Akira. As this girl steps out into the world how will her brother react? Will the secret of being immortal space vampires remain as such with even more people learning the truth, and if not what impact would that cause? How about Takahi, will her infatuation with Haruto ever go somewhere?

Man, Hazard hates not knowing stuff.

The Future

In the Grim Dark Future Haruto will not be the one who gets shot.

So let’s hit the big one.

200 year time skip.

First lets note the dates. Hazard is too lazy to check right now for perfect accuracy but the first flash-forward that we get is in the year 214 while the later is in the year 211. In other words one happens three years before the other.

The First scene chronologically shows us a Galactic Empire, a Galactic Empire that uses the three legged raven the VVV have as a symbol it seems. We also meet Saki who is still alive and a kid that may be L-Elf’s descendant or maybe not.

In any case Saki speaks of a Founder who met the Magius. The Founder is strongly implied to be Haruto, however Haruto does not appear in either of the scenes.

The other flash-forward consists of a fighting between what seems to be an upgraded VVV-4 and some army guy. The term Golden Seven is introduced to refer to a group Saki is part of.

Now let's add the really, really big one. The giant conspiracy. The leaders of the two Nations meeting. Magius. 

Now let’s piece this together.

Golden Seven may possibly refer to the Valvrave pilots. There are currently five of them, but it is not unthinkable for more VVVs to appear.

If the Founder is Haruto, then that means that tiny little country is going to grow exponentially in the future, likely as a result of Haruto’s desire to protect the Module, which grows with increasing intensity as shown in episode 12 where he was willing to shoot a “defenseless” Cain. 

Haruto and the other Valvrave pilots defeat the Magius and take over as a consequence, establishing the Galactic Empire. This may or may not lead in to an era of peace and prosperity or maybe the world traded one secret ruling elite for an open ruling elite (The Golden Seven).

Now between the last and first future scene something changes. Saki is back in her giant robot fighting what seems to be the army. A military coup? A rebellion? Or a mysterious shadowy enemy?

Also, where is Haruto during all of this? The preview implies his life is going to be in danger but is he dead 200 years into the future? Kid L-Elf certainly does not seem to know him judging by the way Saki speaks of him.

Future Evil Haruto?

Anyway, the future arc holds a lot of unknowns and we are not going to cover those in one season it seems to me. My only prediction here is that VVV will have more than 2 seasons. The next season will still deal with the presents up to the founding of the empire. The season after that will deal with all the 200 years stuff.

Man, those three months can’t go by  fast enough.

Final Thing, no update tomorrow.

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