Saturday, July 13, 2013

The World God Only Knows 1

Happiness is the Anime you like Getting a Third Season

So the last slot. I had to think a lot on this one. I seriously did. Still, I may have made my actual choice a long time ago. Welcome, The World God Only Knows!


Now, this is the third season; so it is not exactly an anime that is friendly to newcomers. Added to that, there are the OVA. Plenty of were worried about whether they were going to be lost without having watched it or not.

Fear not. You’ll all be equally lost.

Unless you read the original manga that is.

The first episode makes it clear, through a series of short flashbacks, that the anime has skipped plenty of events, barely having time to give them more than a passing nod.


As for the actual plot, this episode center around one very important fact. Remember Kanon? Cute idol. Among the first girls Keima conquers. Ring a bell?

Adorable. Seriously
Turns out Kanon remembers. Everything.

The reason for that is Apollo, a goddess currently residing inside Kanon.  Of course, that is far from all as someone with worrisome intentions is stalking Kanon. It is a hard time for the idol as she grows increasingly scared and paranoid.

Hence why she hugs Keima in the middle of the class to the shock and surprise of everyone, and that is not the biggest shock of the episode.

Why is She called Apollo if She is Female?

The World God Only Knows starts out strong. Sadly it may have done so at the expense of accessibility. 

Now, I get it. The Goddess arc is pretty damn good. That said, many people will find themselves lost with this episode unless they have read the manga.

Go do it. Seriously. It is the only advice Hazard can give here.

Anyway, this first episode makes something clear. It is not going to be like the other two seasons. The stakes have been raised and for better or worse the simple “Meet girl. Conquer. Move on” is going to be traded for something new.

I look forward to see how the anime handles it.

Also, I love how this looks animated. The colors. The motion. The voices. It is not super high class animation but it really works. 

It makes me sad we skipped so much stuff. I really wanted to see all of it animated.

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