Wednesday, July 3, 2013

HST Report #4

Lies are Bad

One Piece 713

Lots of things start this chapter, including one awesome three way showdown.

Apparently, Fujitora is not really good at playing by the rules, and funny things like ‘immunity’ are more like a suggestion. It certainly does not stop him from dropping a meteor on top of everyone.  A three way duel between Doflamingo, Law, and the new admiral! Awesome.

The chapter also had a nice callback to Montblanc. Man, the Skpiea arc was so long ago.

Also, watching Frankie toy-tanking (yes that’s a word now. Hazard says so) away was hilarious.

Bleach 544

No, seriously. I am pretty sure I had you killed. I do that.

More Quincy.

The chapter starts with a talk between Ishida and the Quincy Emperor. Ishida apparently has plenty of hidden potential, probably ties into what that Jail guy said while fighting Ichigo.

Also, Bamibietta is surprisingly bold. And murderous.

Meanwhile back at Hueco Mundo, the vagueness continues.

There is something to be said for dragging on a secret for too long.

Don’t do it.

Oh well, at least we got to see Orihime and Chad again.

Naruto 637

One Slash!

Madara starts his plan and Naruto and Sasuke race to stop Obito.

Minato wins that particular race because teleport. Minato is a rather ruthless guy really, always going for the kill right away. That said I liked the mini-flashback here, as well as Minato’s realization of just who fought with him all those years ago. Hell, Obito actually looks kind of guilty there for once.

Anyway, Madara’s plan is foiled.

Obito’s is not.

Say hello to the newest Jinchuuriki.

I got to say I like how unbothered by the whole thing Madara seems. If anything, I think he is kind of proud of Obito. In a way the guy is as much of a mentor for Obito as Minato is.

Hazard is sad there is no Final Form Juubi though.

In any case, really looking forward for the next week.

Final thing, there will be no post tomorrow.

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