Friday, July 26, 2013

Majestic Prince 16

Super Smooth


When the anime began, Asagi was the Leader of Team Rabbits. Then he got traded for Izuru and he seemed to be somewhat okay with that, but this episode shows he really does doubt himself.

He is something of a worrywart, I guess, and that really affects his synchro scores with his giant robot. Now that Ange is here, he can’t even say he is number two. Guy feels left behind.

Like Yamcha.

Now of course, we all know as the guy with a samurai sword,  it is only a matter of time before he starts kicking ass. Besides, it’s not like the guy is bad now. He has shown he can really step up at times, like when Izuru leaves him in charge of the team.

True to his character, he is worrying too much.

But careful though, Asagi. You’re heading down the path of the lolicon.


What's this romance you speak of?


I mean, Izuru and Not Lacus are about to go on a date. Naturally, it falls to the rest of the team to offer their advice never mind that not one of them has actually dated… and being fair Izuru really needs it. Guy is a nervous wreck.

Hazard has said it before but he really likes the relationship between the team.

Izuru taking notes was adorable, and Asagi being roped into going with him was fun too. It really shows just how nervous Izuru is about the whole thing.


Or that we are having Pancake Thursday on Wednesday instead?

While all the fun stuff is going on, newly promoted Amane has to deal with the troubles brought on by her new rank. Like knowing stuff and dirty politics.

Have to admit the way Rin so casually brought up the fact that the ASHBM units came from Wulgaru tech was fun.

Now the actual political meeting was interesting. The leaders of the world gather… and their goal is seeing who can get the biggest slice of the cake. How accurate. The world wants access to super duper robots. The ones with super giant robots want to make sure that doesn't happen.


Okay, being fair they give halfway good (but selfish) reasons. Provided, they give them the super robots and win the war, then what? The other countries have benefited from super robot tech, and then they are going to go after the guys that gave them the tech in the first place because they experimented on kids to get pilots.

Oh balance of power, you so silly. 

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  1. Best part of this episode: Izuru burning his hands on the grill and Asagi pulling that wet towel seemingly from nowhere to help him out. That's a good wingman.