Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Highschool DxD New 3

I believe!

So I usually pick three things about an episode then talk about them here. I want to do something a bit freer this time.

We pick up where we left of last episode. The serious battle between Holy Sword users and demons… at least that’s what it is between Zenovia and Kiba. Got to say, nice fight. Zenovia’s Excalibur Destruction was especially nice.

Meanwhile, Issei and Irina… please never change Issei! Ero is justice! The interaction between the two created a good mood for a funny fight. Sure the fact that we were switching between two fights with very different moods was just a bit weird, but that’s DxD for you.

As a sidenote, I will say I full heartedly approve of the clothes Zenovia and Irina wear.

Let me guess, that challenge went a lot better in his head didn't it?

Now, we continue the focus on Kiba here. Guy is on a revenge kick and he will go through with it even if he has to abandon the Gremory household for it. Luckily Issei is here.

Hazard will take the time to praise Issei. “Kiba wants to destroy the swords. They want to recover the swords, but don’t care if they are destroyed. So, we can all work together, right?” That was a good use of logic that you really don’t see often enough. Seeing Koneko go out of her way to help Issei was also a nice touch. She’s a good girl.

As a sidenote, it seems like Saji is getting dragged along for the ride. Do people even remember Saji? Guy appeared very briefly on Season 1. Guess, they didn't want to waste time reintroducing him. Oh, the perils of being a side character.

The Mighty Agents of the Church...

While recruiting Saji is as easy as kidnapping a puppy, getting Irina and Zenobia on board is as easy as giving candy to a baby… Were this another type of show I would worry the girls that just delivered a beating to Issei and Kiba get so easily bribed by food. Talk about lowering the threat level right away. 

As it is, I just find it funny.

Looks like this arc only has two, or even just one more episode to go. Should be fun.

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