Wednesday, July 31, 2013

HST Report #8

Irrelevant Clash!

One Piece 716

And we continue with… absolutely nothing of relevance.

Yeah, Jacket Fruit is crazy and all. Kind of gross too really. But meh. This is just not grabbing my attention. It doesn't help that the Strawhats haven’t had one on one fights against a quirky miniboss squad to show their skills ever since the time skip.

Seriously Oda. You cannot go so long without showing what your characters are capable of. This is Shounen. It runs on one on one dramatic fights.

Conqueror Haki clash was cool though. Hazard will say that much.

Naruto 641

Irrelevant in the grand scheme of things but still awesome Clash!

And the battle continues.

Nice heroic rescue by the Second and it seems that Minato did take the idea of teleporting from him. The seals they use are different, so maybe Minato created his own version after being inspired by tales of the Second?

Also, Madara and Hashirama are fighting but we only see them for a bit, shame. There may be some Shikamaru in there too but who really cares about him?

Now back to the fight, Minato and the Second do a really nice teleporting trick at the end. I love Naruto for those little tricks and that make you go “Okay that was clever.”

That said, this chapter could have used some better pacing. It felt like very little happened. 

Final thing, Minato has the best naming sense ever.

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