Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Highschool DxD New 4

Totally a Serious Drama... Not! 

Don’t you just love it when you start with a fight? It’s just so honest.

Now the animation isn't great or anything, but the fight itself was good. Well, except for that last part. That Sword Birth could have used some more work. Freed more than made up for it though. What can I say? The guy is just fun. He is the total psychopath that you really wouldn't want to meet, but that’s fun from a safe distance.

Hazard has to admit the priest has really leveled up with Excalibur.

He even uses the “focus will on sword” trope usually reserved for heroes!

Sidenote: I have said this before but I really, really, really approve of Irina’s and Zenovia’s outfits.

The Punishment

That's right. Harem Power!

Turns out it is hard to do things in secret in this town. Both presidents end up finding out what their underlings have been up to.

Poor Saji.

Seriously Saji only gets a super powered spanking. Issei suffered that as well, but he gets a hug from Rias and is welcomed by naked apron Asia with Rias soon joining…

Die, Issei.


Anyway, I liked how much Koneko cares for the team. It was cute.

Sidenote 2: Issei’s mom sure is easygoing.

The Climax


The episode ended in a surprisingly serious note. It’s not just Freed Issei has to fight but one of the learders of the Fallen Angel faction as well.

Remember how we have been talking a little about the politics of the three faction and all? Turns out this guy doesn't give a damn about any of that and just wants to get a big fight starting.

Yeah, turns out stealing the swords was just to start something up. Neat twist.

And we even get some foreshadowing about Azazel.

Sidenote 3: “Boobs heavier than life.” You have the soul of a poet Issei.

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