Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Word God Only Knows III 6

A whole episode? For me?

So apparently there’s not going to be Jump this week.

Yeah, kind of realized that one at the last minute. Yeah, sorry.


The library girl reflects on current events, and by reflect Hazard means curses the fact that she may be in love with Keima.

You know, the cross-dressing guy with a tendency for maniacal laughter and who got caught by Shiori in the arms of another man?

Perspective is a wonderful thing.

As aside, her mental monologue hits the right notes. Good choice for a girl, who is a bit shy to talk.


If you haven't noticed so far, you're getting only manga scans this time.

So do you admire a guy who decides that dressing like a girl is the perfect strategy for seducing the girl who thinks he is a cross-dressing weirdo  or do you hit him on the head?

Tough choice.

He even tells her the truth, or a version of the truth at any rate.

In any case Keima’s strategy does put Shiori off-balance. Poor girl. She’s too nice (and to weirded out by Keima) to put much of a fight.

I honestly kind of feel bad for Shiori. Maybe because, she’s so shy? Like girl didn't even have the courage to go to a ramen store before this episode.

Guess in one sense, Keima is good for her.

Sidenote: Yeah, way too busy to make or hunt good screencaps. Manga panels are all you get this time.

The Novel

Lies, Gundam has made a fortune by not leaving the Universe in peace.

Writing a novel is tough work. I mean, there are so many ways to procrastinate. Taking walk. Making paper planes. Staring blankly at the page. Ordering your books by alphabetical order. Reading more books, with a reading a ability that’s enough to make anyone feel envious. The road is endless.

Lucky for Shiori, Keima is there! 


In any case the girl certainly has an active imagination.

Sidenote: That’s a really tiny goddess.

In any case, all’s well that ends well.  Sort of.

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