Friday, August 23, 2013

The World God Only Knows III 7

Dat Tsundere

And I am late with the updates this week.

Yeah. Sorry about that.


Keima is sick. With Elsie too busy playing Kanon and Haqua gone, it looks like Keima is on his own for this one.

Oh wait, he has Nora’s buddy to take care of him... which might just be worse than being alone actually, and I guess this is another case of characters we don’t know that well if we only watched the anime having a role here.

Anyway, perhaps common logic would be to stay in bed all day, but the Capturing God is above such things! 

It’s time for a Visit my Sick Love Interest Event!


He kind of deserved that one

The first and the best!

Yeah, I am biased here, but I have warned you about that countless of times so deal with it!

I have to say her tsundere was in top form this episode, and some of the moments she had with Keima here were just cute. Same with the jealousy.

But really the way Keima hides her under the cover was amusing. Lucky bastard. The interaction between the two hit the right notes here.


Damn it!
Oh, she’s in this episode too.

Anyway, Keima’s attempts to get her not to come to his house obviously fail. She’s in love with him after all.

She even confesses!

Oh, Keima, you really can’t understand a girl’s heart.

Worse, because Ayumi hears her confess, the most dreadful of all events has been activated!

The ‘best girl makes way for obviously inferior girl because she’s nice like that’ event!

Don’t lose Keima! Defeat this cliché!

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