Saturday, August 3, 2013

Majestic Prince 17

Being the Char is a tough job, but someone has to do it

The Temporary Split

The new team splits for the first time and Ange is sent to back up Team Doberman who, contrary to my every prediction, just won’t die.

Seriously what the hell? Since when do side characters get to be people? If things keep going this way I will actually feel sad when they die because I am starting to sympathize with them. Really, it’s hard not to feel sorry for a guy whose crush is crazy about every other guy but him, and even thinks he is gay to boot.

Be brave, Team Doberman! Be brave!

The Attack

Say Hello to my Little Friend!

So Hazard admits that he called the target of the attack wrong last time. They are after the school of genetically altered pilots not Not Lacus. In fact, due to interference from Savage Char, the Wulgaru don’t even know Teoria is on Earth.

Good for her. Bad for the school.

As expected from this type of scenario, we get a scene where Team Rabits's old classmates are cheering for them.

Cliché but I like clichés.

The kids earned those cheers.

The Battle

We are not even remotely done yet!

Like always fun battle.

Seeing Asagi accept his limitations yet step up at the same time was cool. See? Hazard knew you weren't useless.

The new tech addition of an actual light speed laser was pretty damn impressive and the scenes leading up to its use were suitably tense. Ataru’s nervousness at possibly missing and the way the team sets up the shot for him were well done.

The actual shot didn't disappoint. That’s some nice firepower Ataru has there.

The end though? Talk about upping the tension. Next week can’t come soon enough.

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