Tuesday, August 20, 2013

High School DxD New 7


So new opening and ending. Wasn't expecting that from a 12-episode anime.  Not that I’m complaining… though I kind of liked the first OP a bit better.

Anyway, Some days are really good. Other days you find out your best client who gave you all sorts of cool stuff is actually the leader of the opposition.

Isn't it sad?

But hey, there is a silver lining here, there are going to be peace talks. For Peace. Things are going to be talked about in a calm, rational manner and all three sides will be able to put aside their differences and no one is going to get hurt… yeah right.

But enough politics, this is a pool episode! I mean yeah, here’s other stuff in the episode. Important stuff. Like Vali and Rias’ brother, but who cares?




Wait, what? …. Seems like Issei raised a flag there without meaning to. See, that’s why you have to be careful about who you help in a harem anime.

On the plus side, there is Akeno, who is certainly bold. Offering to cheat right off the bat. That’s certainly something else.

I approve.

Of course, like any harem comedy Rias catches them in the act.

As an aside, Rias is being more protective of Issei this episode. Nice.

And thank you creative censoring. Kind of.
The new rivalry between Akeno and Rias adds a new dynamic to the group relationship. Rias is not quite a confident as she was with Asia as her only competition, and it show both in a more aggressive approach and her subsequent fight with Akeno, who for her part has no problem matching Rias’ offers and then some.

Being fought over by two naked woman.

Die, Issei. Seriously, die.

I mean, Even Xenovia! What’s up with that sort of character development?

Has it gotten to the point if you take your eyes of this guy for a moment he will be with another woman already?

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