Tuesday, August 6, 2013

High School DxD New 5

Totally Inconsequential

So things get serious. Irina is safe but healing (Yay!). Student Council President’s Team is busy with a barrier around the school; so it’s up to the Gremory team to take care of everything.

At least it would be were it not for Akeno who does the smart thing and asks the help of the Demon Lord who is conveniently the sibling of one of the main characters and of course he would go rescue his sister. Nice. 

Problem, it will take him one hour to get there.

Don’t you just hate time trial fights?

Akeno Flag!  
One the battle itself, we get a nice little bit of strategy. Now, it’s nothing great or outstanding, but strategy all the same, and a lot more than one usually sees.

Issei takes a support role. Yeah, the main character actually takes the back seat in a big fight. Granted his role is still important. Issei’s little dragon gauntlet can not only double his power, but it can also “gift” that power to his allies. Rias’s idea of using that to power up the stronger members of the team for is simple but good.

Now the actual fight animation was decent enough, and we even got more Xenovia! 

Damn, that's a good smile

Hazard usually doesn't like short haired girls, but she looks really good animated

Back to the fight, even with their power boosted by Issei it may not be enough to defeat one of the leaders of the Fallen Angels.

But that’s for the next episode, we have another event going on, Kiba’s character arc.

And Freed.

Lots of Freed.

He’s just so fun!

But back on topic, Kiba faces the evil mad scientist responsible for his sad fate and that of his friends!

Okay, honest time, it was kinda, maybe, sorta touching. Seriously. The spirits of Kiba’s former friends cheering him on and Kiba finally being able to come to terms with his past. Touching really.

And Balance Breaker!!!

Sorry Freed, you never really had a chance. 

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