Thursday, August 22, 2013

HST Report #10

Greatest Hiding Place

One Piece #718

The world’s smallest army gets ready to rumble. Also quirky characters and creatures, plus some ancient history. More importantly, Robin fanservice.

Priorities and all.

Meanwhile the Greatest Fight Ever is… still happening off-screen. That sucks. It seriously does.
Also, shouldn't water cancel out the modern art effects? I mean, so far it’s been the fruit cancelling substance. Even Moria’s zombies were vulnerable to plan salt.

As for the coliseum… don’t really care. There is lots of potential in this arc, but it’s starting to drag.

Naruto #643

Yin and Yang! Together again!

Just do the fusion dance already!

It was nice to see Tobi showing a bit more variety in his attacks. Not that he needed it because atom destroying awesomeness is awesome, but who doesn't like a giant flower that shoots out energy blasts that could take out a small country?

Still, kind of annoyed Hashirama vs Madara is happening off-screen. Really, what is it with people off-screening fights!

The whole “birthday” thing was kind of corny, but also kind of sweet. Overall, nice chapter. But the Shounen fanboy in me needs more action.


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