Saturday, August 10, 2013

Majestic Prince 18

Katana Time

You know what’s seriously cool at times?

Cherry Blossoms.

Seriously.  It may not seem that way at first, but think about it. You’re in the middle of the battlefield, cherry blossoms all around you, and you have that serious look that lets the other guy know you totally mean business.


Granted these weren't cherry blossoms this episode, but same difference.

The Battle


Seriously amazing!

The animation! The choreography! It was all so damn good! Watch this fight! Even if you don’t watch the anime, watch this fight!

It is that good. It’s one brutal and awesome battle.

I mean the part where Izuru and Asagi repeatedly stab crazy kid… damn. Seriously. Damn!

Like, if I could, I would marry this mecha battle.

The Sniper

What did I tell you about the stabbing?

Okay so, how did you miss?

The guy is in the damn crater!

Oh well, I guess it’s because it was more of a “glancing blast” but still…

That said, I really liked Sugura in this episode. Like last episode, you could feel the tension, because everything is riding on him being able to hit the guy.

The way they manage to set the shot really cool too, and Tamaki provided some nice comic relief in the middle of a tense battle that didn’t feel forced. Fun.

The Other Stuff

The mechanic crews are growing on me. You can tell these guys really care about their pilots and the mecha. 

… something horrible is going to happen to them isn't it?

We also find out more about the Wulgaru. Seems like the guys are so into the strong ruling that concept helping others hasn't really crossed their minds. At least not without something to gain out of it.

Man, they suck.

Which is why no one lifts a finger when Savage Char frames a guy that heard a little too much of treason and kills him.

Wasn't expecting that. We are two “boss characters” down sooner than expected. 

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