Thursday, August 1, 2013

The World God Only Knows III 4

How many girls did you say?


I usually don’t like shy types all that much, but there is something really cute and innocent about Shiori… Or maybe it is that she fails so much at writing it goes right back to being good. Either or.

Of course that cute scene with Shiori doesn't go unpunished. That’s one creepy doll. Credit to Keima for being able to keep his cool, when a super powered doll is threatening him with an entire library.

Speaking of Keima, he is certainly in top form this episode. The way he goes about trying to earn Tsukiyo’s trust and affection is certainly impressive.


All Pics today are Jealousy Pictures
Another character we barely know even thought we should. Maybe one really should go and watch the OVA? In any case, she’s surprisingly competent. Not that Haqua isn't, but the girl is a strictly by the rules type, which perhaps isn't the best in this type of situation.

She could have never brought herself to distrust the squad as easily as Nora did. Seems like Keima and his group really are alone in this.

But hey, at least Kanon is alright now!

Kind of


And there He goes again

With more people in on the secret, Keima’s ways start to catch up to him.

Diana’s reaction to Vulcanus’s wings was just hilarious. Vulcanus has become quite possessive of Keima in record time and one wonders just what will happen when the creepy doll finds out just how many girls Keima “conquered”.

Meanwhile, Diana and Haqua are far less accepting of the state of things. Diana is stepping up her game and Haqua… is stepping on Keima.

I am kinda jealous of the guy.

Final thing, no update tomorrow.

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