Friday, August 30, 2013

Majestic Prince 21

Robots. Lots of Robots

Time Out

And the operation is on its way, but before that one important detail needs to be addressed.

Izuru is in no condition to fight.

The guy is strong, insanely so, but he is in no condition to fight and it shows. The decision to bench him makes perfect sense. Nice to see everyone but him is on board with the idea.

I mean, sure, we know it’s not going to last. Something is going to happen and Izuru is going to need to go out, kick ass and take names.

That’s what heroes do. Dramatic Entrance at just the right moment.

Death Flags

Get Away from the Cake!


Don’t people know better than to make promises with the words “after the mission/war/battle is over”? Please be a little more trope sensitive!

I am quite worried about the pit crews. I would have predicted them dying a lot sooner, but that didn't happen. Now with 2/3 of Team Doberman dead, no side character is safe.

Survive Side Characters! Survive!



We get lots of nice moments between Team Rabits and other characters this episode. Izuru revealing his new brother to the team was gold. Why can’t all secrets be treated like this all the time?

The conversation between Asagi and the Commander was also quite good. It gives a bit of character to a guy that has up till now been Stoic Commander #1.

Speaking of Asagi… while we can certainly expect many good moments from him in the future, given that Izuru is benched… That guy is going to get arrested.

Wandering too close to the path of a lolicon there.

Good episode and I look forward to the final battle.

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