Thursday, August 8, 2013

The World God Only Knows III

She looks familiar... but why?




Sadly, no Killer Doll Vulcanus. That would have been great. We did get one cute Tsukiyo moment; so I guess it all evens out. Now for the important part, Cross Dressing.

Were it not for his voice, Keima would make a surprisingly good girl. Who’d have thought?

Unlike earlier conquest this time we have, as Keima puts it, a player vs player challenge.

Obviously that perfectly excuses why Keima must dress like a girl, because…. Stuff…. Yeah, stuff.

And that makes sense.

It's All Part of the Plan, The Plan!
The interaction between Keima and Yui is fun, because it’s just so rare to see Keima be on the defensive. I mean, sure he talks a big game when he is with Haqua about how this is all part of the plan. And to be fair, his plan is working. But there is no denying Yui can get him flustered.

The girl even picks out his clothes!

Sharing cross-dressing hobbies. How progressive.

That said, Keima playing the clumsy girl who sucks at cooking card was amusing.

Who got Winged here I wonder
Now, as stated, Keima’s plan does work and Mars awakens inside Yui… but Yui happens to be more interested in her date with Keima.

Priorities. Yui has them.

Meanwhile, Mars can’t handle the gender role switching, but that’s fine, she gets the chance to show what she can do soon enough, when Vintage  attacks!

Or maybe not. It’s Haqua in disguise.

Being Keima’s helper is a tough and thankless job.

But hey, there is one more goddess now, and we got another romantic scene out of it. Plus Haqua fanservice. A win in Hazard’s book.

 Now three goddesses awakened the rest of them should be easy, right?


Final Thing, no update tomorrow.

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